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We are dedicated to bringing you the latest in biotech news and biotech research.  Our main focus in the last several years has been on research leading to industry applied technologies.  We have focused in providing the most cutting edge research and information on bionics, bio engineering, and bio medical devices aimed at introduction to common practice and use in today's ever changing biotech world.  The most interesting breakthrus and stories have been and will be featured here on this website.  Please rest assured that our focus is still in providing the most current applications and the most current research grants available.  

The latest project to be features on this site is the nano-technologies that are driving the biomedical field currently.  Apparently several projects are being funded through research grants that could prove very handy in the medical field.  Our research associates have recently been awarded two new grants to work on these as well as related topics covered under biometrics. 

Our company previously focused on bio catalyst and enzymes.  We have shifted our focus to technology and equipment over the last 2 years.  This shift in our business model has allowed us to become more profitable and continue our research in the biotechnology field.

Wicanders Cork Flooring: Renewable, Sustainable 



Cork is made from the bark of the Cork Oak tree. The tree must be at least twenty five years old to be harvested, and the bark can only be harvested off of a tree every nine years. In time, the bark grows back on the tree, healthier than before. Cork is extremely renewable and self sustaining. This is why cork floors are so environmentally friendly. Cork is mainly found and harvested in Southern Europe, including Portugal.


Wicanders Cork Flooring

Wicanders Cork Traces Spice

Shaw Hardwood Flooring


To make a cork floor, the cork bark is stripped from the tree, ground, and processed into sheets. These sheets are then baked in a kiln. Suberin, a natural ingredient found in cork bark, naturally repels insects and moisture, and also acts as a fire retardant.


Cork flooring is as comfortable as it is easy to maintain. Wicanders Cork flooring is cushiony and quiet. With Noise Reduction Technology, and Wear Resistant Technology, Wicanders Cork Flooring is a great choice for your home or business. The Noise Reduction Technology makes Wicanders the perfect flooring choice for Conference Rooms, Libraries, and Movie Theaters.


Wicanders Cork President Chocolate

Congoleum Duraceramic


A cork floor is virtually maintenance free. To care for your floor, vacuum or sweep it once a week. When a little extra care is needed, just damp mop it occasionally. About once a month should do.


Cork floors also offer unsurpassed thermal insulation. Cork is cellular in nature, which makes it a great natural insulator. It’s the perfect choice for a room where you may need or want a little extra insulation, like your bedroom or basement floor. If you live in an area subject to dry air, a cork floor is also static resistant. Say goodbye to nasty carpet shocks.


Wicanders Cork Series 1000

Wicanders Cork Identity


Wicanders has studied and tested their cork floors against scuffs and scratches to provide the consumer with a High Performance floor. Wicanders Cork flooring is pressure and impact resistant to traffic and furniture. Cork flooring can be used in nearly every room in the house, and are easy to install, as they can float over an already existing floor. Carpet can hold dust mites, dirt, pet dander, airborne chemicals, and more. Carpet can also become moldy or full of bacteria when exposed to water. A Wicanders Cork floor is naturally anti-microbial, antibacterial, and allergen free. Breathe easier knowing you have a floor from Wicanders Cork Flooring.


Wicanders Cork Identity Tenne

Wicanders Cork Identity Silver

Wicanders Cork Identity Eden


Wicanders Cork Flooring comes in seven different designs, each beautiful and unique in feature. Every style comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Identities warm tones adds an inviting feel to any space. Identity comes with a 15 year warranty for residential, and a 5 year warranty for light commercial use in color choices, Eden, Silver, Tea, Tenne and High Performance Surface. A 25 year residential warranty and a 15 year light commercial warranty come with colors Timide, Spice, and Chestnut. Moods enchants your space in these three colors, Tea, Chestnut, and Auburn. Mood has a plank shape, with beveling to enhance its appearance. Original has amazing texture and versatile colors in each piece. One of a kind, Personality offers a natural speckled design. Rectangular in shape, it has the look of hardwood, with the comfort of cork. Add style and distinction with the beautiful color combinations found in the President line. Series 100 Tile offers a wide range of patterns form the subtle to the robust. Series 1000 Tile is esthetically pleasing with its variety of soft color blends, or choose a bolder look, with shaded edges on each piece. With the look of hardwood, but the cushion of cork, Traces is sure to please.


Wicanders Series 100

Wicanders Series 1000


With the exception of certain Identities colors, every Wicander Cork floor comes with a 15 year residential, and 5 year light commercial warranty. Enjoy the comfort and style of a cork flooring; have Wicanders Cork Flooring installed in your home or business today!


For more details on hand scraped flooring or hardwood flooring Atlanta please visit the articles above.  

Children and Hunting – In Alaska, Colorado, or the Deep South

One thing I do know about hunting is that every man in my family thoroughly enjoys the excitement it brings, and this didn’t skip my son when he was born 5 years ago. My son, although not born a natural hunter, has been trained to develop the skill of hunting. Every year he waits for deer season, which the Colorado deer hunting season is in the fall. He spends time helping his Grandfather putting out food plots, and tree stands high into the sky. He’s only 5 so real guns won’t work, but don’t let that fool you he’s a pro with a BB gun. Practicing with the decoys is a favorite sport of his, and decoys can be found at any Colorado outfitters website or pro shop. He knows how to use a deer call and even what kind scent a deer likes. One important skill he has developed is tracking a deer, poop tracks and all. His grandpa also likes to go to Colorado elk hunting. I wasn’t really a big fan of turning a child into a hunter, but in the South its part of the culture to at least know how it works. The saying let boys be boys is the only thing I can see appropriate to make me feel like it’s a needed skill for his manhood.

Moose Hunting in Alaska
Alaska Caribou hunting
Hunting Supplies
Fishing Supplies

As hunting season approaches my son is ready to get out into the cold, to watch in amazement or so he intends to. Usually a good time to go out with small children, from personal experience, is at dusk. In Alaska it can be really cold and frigid, so if you’re in Alaska bear hunting please be prepared for cold weather. Although, I know his intentions are well, after spending a good hour out in the brisk cold, with a big jacket on, my son usually gives up his fight to not fall asleep. His daddy and grandfather are usually happy to carry him back with his gun in tow. When he returns home, forgetting how long he’s been asleep, he usually carries on about how much fun he had, and how next time he plans on shooting the big buck they spotted on the hidden camera. Hidden cameras are a must for your own land unless you use Colorado hunting guides, which usually already know the terrain where they hunt.

Dall Sheep Hunting
Deer Hunting
Iowa Deer Hunting

Although, the little guy has been several times and hasn’t encountered a deer or turkey close enough to even make an attempt to shoot, he like all the other men in my family, just enjoy the great outdoors. I’m happy that with hunting comes gun safety, which every young man should learn. But on top of that I’m especially happy that my son will have memories with his grandfather and dad that he will carry with him throughout his life, and for that reason I guess I can’t complain much about his hunting.